Maritrans Recycler, Inc. started in October 2000 in Mandaue City, Cebu Philippines and since then, has assisted various companies in the management of scrap electronics and industrial wastes in the most environmentally sound method. MRI established in May 2001 its second facility in Calamba City, Laguna, northern part of the Philippines. This was realized to meet the company’s goal of becoming a pioneer in the field of environmental protection.

MRI values the protection of its clients. In the disposal of scrap electronics, the management maintains the absolute confidentiality of clients’ Intellectual Property Rights and assures that scrap items are for the purpose of metals recovery only.

Human resources is our company’s biggest asset. MRI upholds the safeguard of its personnel by strictly implementing guidelines on personal safety in carrying various operations of recycling and waste treatment.

Environmental Policy

Maritrans Recycler, Incorporated (MRI) commits to deliver the most efficient environmental services to its contractors for the treatment and recycling of electronics scrap, used solvent, used oil, used fluorescent tube, used battery and other recoverable industrial wastes. The company upholds that wastes generated from one industry can be reprocessed and become raw materials in another industry. To actualize this, MRI shall employ practical and state-of-the-art methods in processing such wastes. MRI shall conduct periodic evaluation and assessment of its facility, including the performance of its workforce to ensure continual improvement.

Maritrans Recycler, Inc. shall maximize the usability of industrial wastes by recycling in order to minimize the quantity of wastes to be disposed in the landfill. Pollution is inevitable, but it can be reduced through effective recycling.

Maritrans Recycler, Inc. commits to comply all statutory requirements, more specifically the Republic Acts 6969, 8749, 9003 and 9275, which are among the main legal foundations of the waste management industry affecting the operations of MRI.

Maritrans Recycler, Inc. shall develop a workplace free from risks and hazards to all employees and contractors by implementing guidelines on personal safety inside the facility.

All levels of management at Maritrans Recycler, Inc. shall be responsible in ensuring that this policy is observed by all employees and contractors.