We are committed to continually improve our business processes to recycle Electronic wastes providing good service experience to our customers.

We are committed to empower our human resource to effectively implement QHSE and R2 Responsible recycling in letter and spirt and lead in business through implementing following actions:

  1. Clearly understand customer needs and provide products that meet those needs.
  2. Establish quality and R2 requirements and ensure suppliers, partners and contractors comply with them.
  3. Continuously train and develop our employees to follow best practices and to achieve excellence in handling, storing and disposal of Focus materials.
  4. Protect and strive for the improvement of the environment, health and safety of our people at all times.
  5. Promoting conservation of natural resources by re-using, re-cycling and minimizing waste generation.
  6. Prevent Pollution, injury & ill health and maintain a safe workplace through effective implementation of latest technologies, management systems & best practices to meet or exceed our stakeholders’ expectations.
  7. Continuously improve the effectiveness of the Integrated Management System to enhance value to our customers and improve EHS and R2 Responsible recycling performance.
  8. Comply with relevant statutory and regulatory and applicable requirements.

Authorized by:

Mr. George Zhao
President / Maritrans Recycler, Inc.